Prayer List

PRAYER LIST                                      February  2021

The family of Don Kindred (Mark's Father)
The family of Dale Smith (Arlene's sister-in-law)
The family of Alice Gray
The family of Bill Pearson
The family of Nancy Retherford
The family of Randy Wright
The family of Marsha Sweet
The family of Krista Terry
The family of Hanna Mansell
The family of John Pierce
The family of Margie Robinson
The family of Patricia Woods
The family of Jeanie Nestlehut
The family of Betty Roach

Ryan Armstrong
Don and Anita Ashcroft
Rob Chandler
Jack Courier
Jim Craig
Ruby Crow
Phyllis Fisher
Karen Foster
Kathy Gray
Katheryn Hampton
Donnie Hermes
Hunter Hill
Ron Izzard
Robert Lucassen
Lillian Mattock
Bill Meier
Bob Pearson
Tim Petrowich
Ron Pierce
David Rawlings
Pat Rawlings
Janet Roper
Kevin Roper
Joyce Sims
Kay Taylor
Lawrence and Cindy Whitlock

General Concerns
Those effected by COVID-19
Partisan Politics Students, Teachers, Staff, and School Administrators
Those effected by storms in the nation
Violence in the Nation
Violence in the World
National Leaders
Hospital Workers
Stafety of the COVID vaccine

Margie Wilson
Viola Fairless
Robert Lucassen
Lillian Mattock
Margaret Smith

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