Prayer List

PRAYER LIST                                      October  2020 

The Family of Dolores Gooud (Christine Wells' Grandmother)
The Family of Michael Carpenter
The Family of Lisa's Aunt Ann
The Family of Virgina Webber

President and First Lady Trump
Don and Anita Ashcroft
Jim Craig
Ruby Crow
Karen Foster
Savannah Jibben
Connie Johnson
Julie Martin
Bill Meier
Andrew Petrowich
Ron Pierce
Pat Rawlings
Connie Roper
Margaret Smith
Shayne White
Anita's sister-in-law Judy
Christine Wells' Mother Debbie
Karen Foster's brother Rick Goudschaal

General Concerns
Those effected by COVID-19
Partisan Politics
Students, Teachers, Staff, and School Administrators
Those effected by storms in the nation
Those effected by Western Fires
Violence in the Cities
Farmers and the Harvest

George & Margie Wilson
Viola Fairless
Robert Lucassen
Lillian Mattock
Margaret Smith

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